Tentacles for everyone!

(Everyone over 18, that is.)

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He imagines Moren and the machine as part of the same organism — Moren with the machine’s silver cables bursting from his waist, holding Alex down, pinning his throat while he gasps for release, fucking him rough and inhumanly strong; bundles of gleaming metal wrapped around his body while Moren leans close and bites his lip with teeth more jagged than human teeth, ocean eyes shining with an animal light.

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His Best Monster

bestmonsterMy short story “His Best Monster” is available now for purchase! Do you like space pirates, m/m sex, tentacles, and explicit consent? Well, are you in for a treat.

Alex is a small-time pirate, smuggling tech and luxuries among the outer planets with his half-human lover, Moren, and their beautiful android companion. It’s a good life, but there’s still something missing — unless he can convince Moren to embrace his alien side, Alex will have to take matters into his own hands….

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